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BeepingHand.com is a blog around the Smartwatch guide. I know how difficult to choose one among hundreds of Smart Watch in the market. I face the same issue when I am searching for Smart Watch for buying for myself. Then I decided to start a blog around Smart Watch to help you out.

Now you can go through our beepinghand.com blog for you Smart Watch selection and how to guide when you face any difficulties in selection, operating Smart Watch.

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I (Yunus Khan) am a founder and content writer at beepinghand.com. The first time, when I wanted to buy a smartwatch for myself then I was very confused to buy which one from the market. Actually, it is very difficult to choose one among the hundreds of smartwatch in the market.

Then I decided to start a blog around smartwatch which help such people who wanted know about the smartwatch guide and buy the best one.

I keep trying and testing smart watches to know the best one and which is value for money, affordable, and best for you according to your need.

I always believe in originality, and first-hand experience with a lot of research online (reading reviews on online e-commerce platforms, and other platforms and searching the specific technology term on Google) and offline (surveys from people who are already wearing and using smart watches). After that, we present the best guide in front of you so that you can get the best information and you do not spend your money on non-suitable products.

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If you have any feedback or any query to tell us, you can contact us by email: beepinghand@gmail.com or through the contact us page.